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Paramedic and Mountain Bike Nerd

Craig McMillan is a coaching jack of all trades. He is a lost Kiwi, now living in New York, Craig grew up in the mountains of New Zealand and is a keen mountain biker and off road triathlete. Currently recovering from a back injury he received while working as a full-time paramedic, Craig has helped both beginner and advanced athletes prepare for XTERRA and Ironman races, as well as New Zealand’s iconic Coast to Coast race, the New York City marathon and the grueling multiday GODZONE adventure race.

When Craig is not out in the woods on his mountain bike, with his training partner Nico the trail dog. You will find him with his nose deep in a endurance training book, or trying to figure out what to do with the three bolts he has left over from his latest bike rebuild.

Craig is constantly studying the latest science on training and endurance racing and believes that training volume is not the only determinant of race day success. Intensity, Stress, Sleep, Recovery, Nutrition and Mobility all play an essential role in race day preparation.

Having a coach to help you balance all of these elements is an enormous help in reducing injury risk and getting the maximum benefit from your limited training time.

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