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4 Best Swimming Aids

Off-season swimming is all about technique and honing your skills. While there are a lot of different swimming aids to choose from, these are the ones I think every triathlete needs in their bag. I am an Amazon Affiliate member, and purchasing these items from this blog helps to keep this website on-line.

1. Finis Freestyle Paddle - I'm not a fan of standard paddles because I think they overload the shoulder and can cause more problems than they are worth. But I love the Finis Freestyle Paddle because it provides instant feedback on the freestyle stroke and will help drill in the perfect hand entry and pull.

2. Finis Long Floating Fins - One of the hardest things for adult swimmers to focus on is maintaining correct body alignment in the water. Standard fins tend to pull the feet down and sink the hips. That is why I love these fins. They float and will help keep your alignment as you practice your rotation.

3. Finis Pulling Ankle Strap - Swimming with an ankle strap will force you to engage your core and focus on your pull. If you're a triathlete, using an old tube cut down to size can also work.

4. Roka Buoyancy Shorts - I strongly recommend buoyancy shorts for longer sets. The vast majority of long swims will be performed in a wetsuit, and these shorts help elevate the hips as a wetsuit.

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