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Don't Miss A Workout This Holiday!

Your season starts now! Continual daily progress is the secret to success. During the holidays, it's easy to get distracted with family and professional events. Here are my 3 go-to workouts during the holiday season to keep yourself on track!


Endless 50's!

This fun and fast swim workout is guaranteed to improve your time in the pool and is a great way to ward off the winter blues!

How many 50's can you do?

You don't need to print out a workout for this swim set. It's simple to remember.

1. After a warmup, swim a single 50 effort at maximum speed. Add five seconds to that time. For example – if your maximum speed swim equals 38 seconds , then add 5 = 43 seconds.

2. Now add another 5 seconds – i.e. 48 seconds.

3. And now the fun part…..How many 43 second swims can you repeat on a 48 second time cycle? That means you get 5 seconds RI between 50s. How many can you do?


Crawling Starts

You won't believe how impressive this simple and short 40 minute workout is until you feel your legs burn all day long.

Grab the handlebar, engage your core, and push up and pull down with tremendous force for 20 seconds.

1. Warm up well

2. Start at a super low cadence with high torque, push up and pull down with your legs, engage the core, and try to get your cadence as high as possible in the 20 seconds.

3. You'll need a long 6 minute recovery after each interval, but after 4 intervals, you can call this workout finished!


The Ol' Faithful Run

A run that is as good for the soul as it is the legs. It's a great way to explore new surroundings or run with family.

An enjoyable run though a new place can replenish the soul. Sprinkle 5 stridouts to remind yourself that you're fast and your mitochondria will thank you!

A quick and easy 40-45 minute run sprinkled with 5 x 20 second strideouts with 90 sec recoveries is an elegant and easy run you can do anytime. The recovery pace means you're not killing yourself on this run, and the strideouts at 5k pace aren't so fast that you're huffing it too hard, but are fast enough to fire up your mitochondria and push your VO2max. There isn't enough stress to keep you from running later in the day if you'd like. Don't forget to start the run with the LMLS and finish up with SAM easy.


Enjoy your holidays with these short and fun workouts you can do anywhere!

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