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Ironman 70.3 St George 2017 Race Report

Updated: Dec 9, 2018

Not often do you travel across the country with the sole thought of a DFN, but that's what I did this weekend.  

I tore my left MCL several weeks ago and decided to complete the swim and bike and DNF the run

Swim:  Large venue with lots of space for port-a-jons and spectators.  Swim start was moved forward to 6:50am and compressed to 3 minutes between waves to account for the wind gusts which were forecasted for the afternoon.  I started real easy and focused on the knee.  After no pain for the first 10 minutes, I increased the pace a bit, but still didn't kick much.  I heard others describe the swim as a washing machine with the decreased time between waves, but honestly, it didn't bother me too much.  I just kept stroke-stroke-breathe-stroke-stroke-sight and my line was fine. HINT: When turning back towards the water exit at the boat ramp, sight right of the building as the buoys are hard to see.  Time: 37:27 min.

T1: I took it easy running up the ramp and mounting the bike.  IM allowed us to keep the T1 bags on the bike and I was able to mount my shoes to my cleats this morning.

Bike:  A technically demanding course that rewards those who know how to descend, this course reminds me of the old CdA course and Penticton, CA and is mentally stimulating.  Coming out of T1 is a descent and then immediate climb.  I threw away what was left of my water bottle when I hit the first water station and took a gatorade.  I consumed that gatorade and obtained another on the second station.  Lot's of small rollers that require multiple shift changes bookended by long, steady climbs.  Be aware of the descent under Diagonial Steet (Hwy 18) when Red Hills Parkway turns into Snow Canyon Parkway as there were several athletes who hit the barricade.  The ride down Center St is good to keep the motor up and settle into the only flat portion of the course.  I grabbed another gatorade at the 3rd water station and ascended Snow Canyon State Park. Everyone who was acting like they were in the TdF on the earlier climbs were consumed by this climb, with one athlete loosing his chain in front me and another who was forced to zig-zag up the climb.  There was a headwind coming back into town.  Don't forget to drop the hammer on the way back, and tuck when you can.  I hit 43 mph on the downhill.  Time: 2:48:04.

T2: I pulled into T2 and DNF'd.  Gotta let the MCL heal.  

Overall, great production value and wonderful venue.   The course is beautiful and fair.  Wonderful volunteers. Unusual Saturday race allows you to fly home the following day. I'd love to come back and finish the run next year.  

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