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RocketMan Florida Half Iron Triathlon 2013 Race Report

Updated: Dec 9, 2018

Titusville, FL

Carbo load was perfect. I stuck to my plan (except the night before when I had extra sorbet with berries.)

Pre-race: I changed it up a bit because Gatorade stopped making some stuff.

  1. 2 Gatorade pro 01 primes with banana, powerbar and ensure

  2. Drank a Gatorade (regular 20 oz) an hour later

  3. 3rd Gatorade pro 01 prime during driving to the event, about an hour prior to the event

Race day nutrition was perfect.

Race: pretty standard infinit ride solution, but low protein and low osmolity and no problems with stomach… I can’t wait for the non-protein formula to come and try it out

Swim was tough because the blue “rocket” shaped buoy’s were tough to see in the gray overcast sky, and on it’s measuring out a bit long at 1.3-1.4 miles

T1 needed to you run ¼ mile over rough chip-seal…ouch!!

Bike was fun with ROUGH roads (locals said they haven’t been paved in over 20 years)…with a headwind I wasn’t moving much, and with a tail wind I was soft pedaling almost 25 MPH. If I tried to push my watts from 150-160’s into the 190’s with the wind, I would only see 0.5 MPH extra, so I decided to conserve the energy. Same difference into the wind…you just had to exercise patience and let it ride because the wind was making the decisions.

T2 was not a problem…running dismount was fun!

Run was good and exposed with an out and back which was pretty easy and flat. Signage was a bit confusing and I overran the course almost 1 mile. Still ran a respectable 1:37 and had negative splits the entire time. I didn’t have anything left. Run nutrition was 2 gu’s with H20 and Gatorade and didn’t bonk, but with my final mile I felt I was able to push the pace and finish respectably…by collapsing at the finish!

ADDENDUM 6/6/13: I came in 12th overall and 2nd in my age group. The extra mile in the run did affect my overall rank as I could’ve come in at 8th. But with a 5:02, maybe I will be back next year!

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