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Setup Events Tri Latta Sprint 2015 Race Report

Updated: Dec 9, 2018

Pre-race:  I underestimated two separate factors in this sprint race: nutrition and mental toughness.  

With a sprint, I didn't think nutrition would be all that hard.  So, I didn’t eat my usual carbo meal several hours before, instead, I had a Gatorade. I didn’t pre-load with Gu 15 minutes before. 

Big mistake

I wasn’t prepared for the pain during this race in the swim, bike or run. Going long is hard. Going faster is harder.

Swim: Non-wetsuit legal, 86deg. Start was good.  Left hand was pulling like it should. Found feet and followed. It's hard for an interventional cardiologist to find time in the pool. Time 16:12 OA 111

T1: Up a rocky hill.  As smooth as I thought it could be. Time 2:36 OA 48

Bike:  I thought my brake was on the rear wheel the entire time. Bike just seemed off.  I’m having problems accepting the pain to push it for only 45 minutes. Time45:44 OA 32

T2: Easy. Love the Zoots. Could easily become my favorite race shoe, even at the half distance. Race number got caught in shoe and I fumbled with my helmet Time 1:37 OA 117

Run: Again, I was pushing hard, but not at 5K pace.  Maybe at 10K pace.  Time 23:25 OA 50

Final thoughts:  I shouldn’t underestimate this distance. That was stupid.  My bike time is respectable and I’m happy about it.  Time 1:29:31 OA 47

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